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New Fabric - Night Music by Amy Butler

This gorgeous range of fabric has just rolled in through the back door. It is just so beautiful and the colours are divine. Read what Amy has to say about this latest range of fabrics.......

A little bit of mythology and a lot of magic inspires my Night Music collection. Folklore from the Gond tribe in central India says that during the day the natural world is busy taking care of the needs of everyone, and that at night the luminous spirits from the forest come alive. They believe that all of life is magical and integrated, and all aspects of the natural world are inseparable. This idea is both mysterious and charming and connects us to the seen and the unseen bringing about a positive feeling in being a part of the natural world. Night Blooming flourishes and decorative details weave together to create a beautifully imagined story. Enjoy and Happy Sewing! XO Amy

The whole range can be found on the fabric page.

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