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Absolutely loving Sunprint 2019

Anybody who has been into our store will be well aware of how we love the colour wheel. We seem to have an affiliation with using the colour wheel as our palette in many of our quilts. We have featured Alison Glass fabrics in our 2019 Block of the Month so are now super excited to have her new 2019 Sunprint range in store now. We are already making good use of this vibrant range of fabrics in a new quilt which we will feature at the Australian Quilt Convention in April.

A bit about Sun Print 2019 from Alison Glass and her team:

We are thrilled with this line. The designs, scale, and colors make it an excellent addition to the Sun Print family of fabrics. ‘Daydream’, from Road Trip, makes a second appearance in nine new colors. The tiny flowers with ample background make it a perfect blender. ‘Collection’ is a new print filled with detailed line work. Almost an ‘I spy’ game, we know you will enjoy discovering each bit. ‘Path’ is an updated version of Alison’s best-selling ‘Text’ print from Sun Print 2014, now in a full range of saturated colors. We are thrilled that this highly useful print is finally making its anticipated comeback.

Come on in and peruse our growing range of Alison's fabrics. They are divine!

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