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Chroma is here...........

We have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for Alison Glass's new handcrafted range Chroma to arrive. Well it is finally here and we are loving it. Chroma is the fifth collection in the Handcrafted fabric series. This handcrafted fabric is an exciting interpretation of the batik fabric dying process. Made in Indonesia by skilled atisans, Handcrafted fabric is very different from other quilting cottons.

Hand stamped, hand dyed, one piece at a time, each piece of fabric is completely unique from the next, adding to the beauty. No two bolts are alike and cuts from one bolt will likely look different than cuts from another. Like natural leather or stone, these variations make each piece perfectly imperfect.

We have a large range of Alison Glass patterns in store that would be perfect for this latest range of stunningly colourful fabrics. Check out the full range of Chroma fabrics on our fabric page.

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